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Grill City

Famous for its Filipino-style pork and chicken barbecue, Grill City serves authentic Filipino grilled favorites. We offer delicious grilled choices like inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly), stuffed squid and fish (tilapia, pompano and bangus). As side dishes, classic Pinoy viands are available like adobo, kare-kare, sinigang, nilaga, bopiz, kaldereta and menudo. With Grill City, families can enjoy delicious grilled and classic favorites with authentic Pinoy ingredients, without the hassle of cooking and grilling at home.

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Mid-week Wow!

It’s a lucky three treat! Something special happens mid-week, That’s 3 middle days– Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Three days special for 3 people. Midweek with a group order good for 3 persons, you save up to 11 dollars.

Call 1-877-4INIWOW and Order Now!

Hankering for Filipino style barbecue, the crunchiest lechon kawali, fresh seafood inihaw? All those are fresh off the Grill and delivered soon as you call 1-877 4-INIWOW now (1-877-446-4969). 

Order Online with Grill City App

Easy to order Filipino style barbecue, crispy crunchy lechon kawali, seafood grilled to perfection, desserts. Ordering is a cinch if you go online with Grill City App.
Download through the App Store and Google Play. Three ways to get your orders—have those delivered, or pick up from the store, or delivered to you while you park at dedicated parking areas.

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