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About Filipino Food

What makes Filipino cuisine Filipino?

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“If there is one word to define Filipino cuisine, it is “fusion”. Our food bears influence from our neighbors around the region and our conquerors throughout history. Our dishes feature recipes, ingredients, or cooking styles that trace roots to Malay, Chinese, and Spanish cultures, among many others. These rich layers of influence make Filipino cuisine truly unique.

But our food doesn’t just reflect foreign influence but local values as well. The enduring appeal of Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang, kaldereta, and kare-kare are proof our meals are “ulam- centric” and are traditionally served at the center of a table in sizes to-share. This social, family- oriented approach to meals is truly Filipino.

So explore our site and discover the true Filipino goodness of our unique cuisine. Find classic recipes to recreate at home and shop ingredients to bring your meals to life.”